Gothenburg Women Scientists presents #WikiGap

Oct 23, 2018 18:00-21:00

Only 20% of the biographical articles on Wikipedia are about women. We are hosting a Wikipedia editing event to add articles about women scientists to Wikipedia. Our aim is to raise the profile and visibility of women on this 

No experience in editing Wikipedia is needed! Volunteers will be available to help us all get started on creating new pages or translating pages into our native language or adding to existing pages.

When you sign up, you'll be sent more information on registering on Wikipedia and help with choosing a topic. Please bring a laptop with you!

Fika and coffee will be provided by volunteers at GoWoSci. EVERYONE is welcome!!!

Free registration required here

Medicinaregatan 3, Academicum

Room Birgit Thilander


Previous Events


Seminar and Mingle with invited speaker Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede:

Female faculty: Why so few and why care?

MAY 22, 2018

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede is a Professor of Chemical Biology at Chalmers University who has written about this topic in the media (Is the gender gap solved in liberal Sweden?).

There are few women on top positions (e.g., professor) in academia. This is true throughout the world. Why is that? I will discuss the common responses ('not my problem', 'a women's problem', 'not me' etc.) to this topic and show using scientific data that these myths are wrong. Instead, unconscious bias, historical and cultural aspects rules. I will also use scientific facts to demonstrate that this is an important issue that we must address for success in the future. The major point with this seminar is to bring awareness to the topic - the solutions are coupled to other aspects of each country's society and will differ from place to place.



Agnes Wold is a Professor of Clinical Bacteriology at the Sahlgrenska Academy, specialized in the gut microbiome and one of the most well-known scientists in Sweden, primarily for constantly challenging general health misperceptions regarding bacteria and allergens.

In addition to her outstanding research, Agnes Wold is also known for having early raised awareness of gender inequality when she together with Christine Wennerås in 1997 published Nepotism and sexism in peer-review in Nature, highlighting the gender bias in application reviewing process for postdoctoral positions. (

Unfortunately, 20 years later many of the same issues remains and together with Agnes we will discuss if women have a future in Academia.

Mingle Jan 17, 2018

Join us to meet other women scientists and discuss our future plans. 50 women joined us and we created five working groups. You can see the topics here and are very welcome to join one of the groups.


Skandal!    Dec 5, 2017  18:30

A song and dance drama about the women who were and were not awarded the Nobel Prize for physics, chemistry and medicine (more information about the play at

The play will be followed by a short discussion of the issues raised.

Everyone is welcome! Bring your coworkers, friends, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers!

Registration required and a 150 SEK donation is requested to cover our costs.  The drama will be held in English at Pedagogen Hus A, Västra Hamngatan 25, Göteborg

100 people attended this event and we had a splendid evening thanks to the women of besattateatern

Mingle and Networking Evening Oct 24, 2017

Join us to meet other women scientists at all career stages to make new connections, find friends and expand your network!

50 women joined our first event. We surveyed the attendees for which projects they would like to work on next and will create teams for future activities.