We have five working groups set up along different themes. If you would like to contribute to any of the projects please send us an email. We know most people have busy schedules but even if you only can participate in email discussions, please join!

Seminar and Events Coordination

This group coordinates events for both the general public and within the group. They aim to have 2 public and 2 private events each year.

Data Collection (and publication)

Who doesn't like data? This group is researching the state of gender equality in the scientific community. 

Outreach to Schools

This group aims to inspire young people, especially young girls to be interested in science. We will help find speakers for schools and coordinate with local groups.

Public Communication

This group will work on creating informational sources for women scientists and the general public. We work on social media, expanding our web page and contacting journalists.


This groups works on finding women scientists who want mentors or want to be mentors.